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Integral Side Shift 



The integral side shift has been primarily conceived for fitting to the original fork lift truck by the OEM's.
The integral sideshifter replaces the standard fork lift truck fork carriage, therefore the main advantage offered by this attachment is the lift truck residual capacity increase. 
Bolzoni Auramo sideshifts have exceptional strength combined with good technical features and performance. Several models and capacity ranges are available. Lower bearings available with self-lubricated pads or rollers.

Integral sideshift are supplied only to the lift truck manufacturers to be fitted as original equipment. The Bolzoni Auramo integral side shift has been approved and fitted by many OEM's who appreciate the technical solutions and advantage offered.
Bolzoni Auramo is the leading supplier of integral side shifts world wide.

These are the main features:

  • Excellent visibility
  • Reduced weight, thickness and center of gravity.
  • Cylinder with double rods for equal side shift speed in both irections.
  • Self lubricating long life sliding pads.
  • Option of twin rollers for electric trucks of reduced capacities.
  • Very simple maintenance: for example it is possible to remove the rods without disassembling the cylinder completely.
  • Highly customized production to truck manufacturers requirements.

Along with the standard version,
a model is also available with a
tilting facility, especially designed
for reach trucks with high fixed